Boarding, Playpark & Bathing


Your pets will look forward to coming to our boarding & playpark facility.
  • Dogs have a fenced area with pools, toys, a sandbox, bridge and tunnels, sprinklers and lots of room to run. They go out with other dogs of similar size and age for fun and play. All dogs are supervised to make sure they play well together.
  • Large boarding dogs are kept separate from the smaller ones. Dogs are walked 5 x day and you are welcome to bring your pets' own food and toys from home.
  • Kitties have a large picture window, climbing shelves, cat tree, cat nip and toys. They are let out by themselves unless they are from the same family.
We would love for you to come for a tour of our facility. Dogs and cats are welcome to come for the day and play with the other pets.

Click here to view more photos of our boarding and playpark facility.

Note: We do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible for boarding around a holiday. Due to the high demand during these times, you will be expected to give 72 hours notice of cancellation. Should you cancel the reservation within the 72 hours prior or "no show", you will be charged 1/2 the reserved boarding fees.

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Boarding Intake Form


We bathe dogs by appointment Monday through Saturday. We can also bathe your pet while they are here for boarding or playpark. Ask about our popular Spa Day - currently on Wednesdays - all baths are at a discounted rate. Baths include:

  • toenail trim
  • anal gland expression
  • ear cleaning
  • cologne
  • a colorful bandana

We bathe all dogs with Tropiclean Spa Brand Hypoallergenic Shampoo. Other services include medicated baths, shaping nails with a dremmel, hygiene clips, and matt removal. Please call for prices.